Mattia Pistone

Lead Proponent, Vice Chair of PSC, Rock Rheology and Structures
Short CV: 

Mattia Pistone obtained a PhD in Earth Science at ETH-Zurich (Switzerland) after completing research in multiphase magma rheology. He conducted postdoctoral research on magma mixing at the University of Bristol (UK) and on magma differentiation in the Western Aleutians at the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC, USA). He was a Maître Assistant (Lecturer) at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) where he explored fluid transport in the Ivrea-Verbano Zone. He is currently Assistant Professor in Petrology and Volcanology and director of MAGMA MIA Lab at the University of Georgia (USA). He is an enthusiastic researcher who uses a combination of experimental, analytical, and field-based approaches to investigate multiphase magma mechanics, eruption dynamics, and volatile cycles in the Earth’s interior.